"I trust that the universe provides exactly what I need at the exact moment I need it."

Therefore, I am very happy that this page has found you! It has found you, because you believe in reincarnation, that there is something called Karma, and that we are all connected energetically.

Live doesn´t always bring us the situations we dream of, or we don´t always meet the people we wish to meet. All of live´s circumstances are a reflection of the choices we make and have ever made though.

It is easy to hold someone else responsible, or blame circumstances, but the fact of the matter is, your live is exactly the way it is, because of all the choices you have made, in this lifetime or another. The information of all your choices are stored and saved in an energetic field of the universe, the akashic field, or the akashic-records. What the akashic-records are, is explained on the following pages.

Your soul, your vibrational energy, your initial source never dies. The human body does, but your soul has many many lifetimes, and many experiences during these lifetimes. All experiences are kept in the Akashic records, at soul level. During these lifetimes we may have made choices that were out of alignment, out of love. We may have harmed others for selfish reasons, but we also may have done good, as in being loving, being kind, being giving, being forgiving, and therefore created good karma. ALL actions are stored in the records. Soul-reading allows us to discern, where there might have been some choices out of alignment, which resulted in a karmic "debt" so to speak, and why therefore a problem is present in your life today.

Physical pain for instance originates from a mindset or believe, but do you know where this believe is coming from? It might have been locked in your karma from a previous life. You never quite know the source of it, but with a soul-reading you can find out, and have the chance to transform the blockages in your life today.

A lot of poeple go through life struggeling, physically, emotionally, in relationships, finances, career, and this is most likely due to a spiritual debt in a previous incarnation and an expression of the souls experiences in a past life. This "unpleasant" debt shows up in your life as negative for energetic and karmic reasons.

Through soul-reading we can access these informations of past life circumstances. We uncover decissions that were made, which were not in alignment to your highest good, we clear them, and can then ultimately life the live we dream of. If you have ever wondered, why your life isn´t the way you would like it to be, may it be privately with a partner, or workwise, why there seem to be some restrictions, why you seem to struggle, and you just don´t know where this is coming from, chances are, it´s due to some negative choices you made during a previous life.