The spiritual explanation:

"A spiritual path, which is no use in everyday life, is a wandering path" (Willigis Jäger)

Akasha is a sanskrit word, which means "ether", "sky", "space", and it is known as the "essense of the universe", the source of all wisdom. It is not a newly created word, it is already mentioned in the old indian sanskrit teachings 5000years ago.

The akashic records can be seen as a energetic database, an etheric internet, where all information, of all living beings, which have ever lived are stored and saved. All this information is energy, and since energy can not dissolve into nothing (Wernher von Braun), it exists all the time, even after death. These energies can accompany us for many lifetimes, which is commonly known as karma, it is the principle of cause and effect, even through lifetimes. These energies exist as long as you are not really conscious of them, and unless you choose differently as you might have before.

Akasha is the key to a fulfilling life.

Stored in the akashic record is all information on every decission ever made, every thought, which was ever thought, in this life or another, since the beginning of time. All which you think about, and how you act, leaves an imprint, is a vibration in the universe, an etheric memory, a trace in the universal database, the akashic-record. All thoughts are teleported and transmitted and saved.

You don´t die, and then reincarnate as a blanc white canvas and start anew. All of which you have ever decided, and how you have lived, waits for you in the form of energies and etheric attachments. These energies are like layers around the souls.

As human beings we are all part of an energy field, which trancescents through space and time and every human being has his or her own energy and own chronicals. We are all energetically and vibrationally connected. Through intention and intuiton we are able to communicate with this energetic field. We can "google" so to speak each soul in the chronicals.

The scientific explanation:

Wernher von Braun:

"I believe in the souls´ immortality, since science has now proven that energy can not dissolve into nothing."

Dr. Bruce Lipton:

"In 1925 Newtonian Physics was incorporated by a bigger physics called quantum physics, and quantum physics emphasises that the universe is made out of energy, and not made out of matter. Physicists call the energy that the universe is made of "The Field", and the definition of "The Field" is: invisible moving forces that influence the physical world. That is the exact same definition spiritual leaders give when they discribe "spirit", when they talk about the invisilbe forces shaping physical existance. And so, by definition, the new science of quantum physics is bringing us back into alignment with spiritual reality. Through the amazing work of scientists and spiritual leaders, we are starting to see a bridge, for everyone to walk over and leaving dogma, seperation and anger behind."

I am not a scientist, but love to quote some of those amazing people here, éven more so, to take away the perception of  the akashic records to be something mystical, esoterical, or something you´d find in the land of fairies and unicorns. (Nevertheless I believe in those:-)

Dr. Prof.Dr.Dr.hc mult Ervin Laszlo

He specialises in the scientifict factors of the akashic field. He has written over 90 books (i.e. The Akashic-Code), and has written 400 essays, was nominated for the Nobel-Prise.

„The Akasha Paradigm is the new concept of the fundamental nature of reality. It suggests that there is a dimension in the universe that subtends all the things. It generates and interconnects all things, and conserves their trace. It is the network of the world, and the memory of the world.”

Dr. Laszlo states, that the akashic records are a universal field of consciousness. According to him, there couldn´t be evolution, if there would not be some kind of reference point for nature, to see what had worked, and what had not worked. These reference points of the universe/nature are safed in the unifield field, the memory of the universe.

The universe is not empty, it is filled with energy. Every thought is energy and vibration. Human bodies materialize through this energy, and everything is connected with everything and everyone through time and space.

There is brilliant literature out there, which explains perfectly the phenomenon, like "The Field - The quest for the secret force of the universe" from Lynn McTaggert. Quantum-physics talks about 10 dimensions. A very good explanation also comes from my teacher, Andrrea Hess: "As human beings we are are most familiar with the 3rd dimension, 3D, we, our body, are always in the here and now. Our ego and mind is situated in the 4th dimension. And with our mind we can "time-travel" to the past as well as the future. In the 5th dimension there is no more time as we know it, everything happens simultaneously and parallel. This is the place where our souls are located, connected to other souls (soul-level-connections), where we are all spiriutal beings. The 5th dimension is also the place where you can find the memory of the universe, the akasic records."