To the one soul reading about soul-reading, this is for you!

It is the intention of a soul-reading, to bring to your consciousness all the decissions you have made in a past life, and how these decissions might affect your life today energetically. Only if you have concsiousness of these decissions, you are able to make new choices, which will then lead to the life you have always dreamed of.

The soul was created with a blueprint of source energy, and if one would live true to this blueprint, life would be 100% fulfilling, authentic and happy. Sometimes we have made some choices though, that were against our devine nature, and those choices have sort of driven us away from our blueprint and lifes purpose, from our higher self and our talents and gifts.

The aim of the soul reading is to re-align again with the true self, our soul.

Our practice believes in Akasha and reincarnation.

Richard Rohr, globally recognised ecomenical teacher, bearing witness to the worlds awakening, has created the term of the "Immortal Diamond" (also the title of one of his many books). This means the everlasting and undying soul, the Higher Self. During the course of many lifetimes, we have decided a great many things. Some of those decissions might not have been in alignment with our highest path and purpose, and this has therefore created a seperation from our source. 

The realignment with ones´ true self is possible through the questioning if there are any blocks and restrictions, any contracts, entities, vows or even spells, we might have engaged during a past life, that are no longer in our highest good in this lifetime. We uncover those negative attaching energies, bring them to the conscious mind, and then release them.

You will also be told about the origin of your soul, your souls birth place so to speak, and what predominant energies you have according to your souls birth place in this universe. You will know your talents and gifts, and why you might not have full access to those as yet. You will aslo be informed about the spirit guides that surround you.

Soul reading is about self-realization, self-awarness, spiritual growth, soul-level-healing, karma and the influence it has on your life today, abundance, manifestation, health, healing, and many many more topics. ........

With soul-reading we are able to communicate with the akashic field through intention and with intuition!

Intuition is "seeing with the soul"! We do this with greatest honour and respect.

Everything you do is connected - karma.


It is also possible to do a reading for the property or house you energetically own. We can find out about their energies, and the energies that might surround them (i.e. neihgbours)

Buildings, as well as properties are memory spaces. We spend a great deal of time in our homes, and we are energetically connected with them. Our homes have great influence on how we feel. You might know the feeling, when you enter a house for the first time and it has a good welcoming energy, or the other way around.

We find out about the energies of a home, negative attachments or influences and can then dissolve them. We create a welcoming, loving enviornment, where you can truely relax, feel at peace and feel "at home".

As a certified animal communicator I am also able to have a close look on the souls path of your animals.