For the longest time I tried to figure out, what it could be that I`d call the purpose of my life. .....

I do know now. We are all energy, we are all vibration, we are all connected, and I am here to raise the vibration of the planet, to help raise awarness and consciousness in people. Maybe you know the saying: "The fluffer of a butterfly´s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway round the world."

That´s how I´d like to see it, every little counts. Dr. Wayne Dyer: "Let the world know why you are here, and do it with passion."

In order to be able to do this though, I had and still have to learn to raise my own vibration and energy levels at first, which is not all that easy at times, and I am sure, you are all aware of this youselfes. Somestimes "life" seems to get in the way and challenges us. But despite the challenges, or maybe even because of them, I do make an effort. Not everyone might understand this, but that´s exactly why I keep doing it. I am "paying" attention, and therefore "paying" into the account of the collective consciousness.

I am an empath, I am HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), and I am an indigo adult. I am an old soul, and I had many incarnations on this planet; I was told that many of them had to do with the healing arts. One of my characteristics in this lifetime is, that it comes absolutely natural to me, to make other people feel good about themselfes.

I love seeing people, animals, plants and even objects feeling good. Like Louis H. Hay says: "Did you appreciate the very bed you slept in, or did you thank your car for doing such a good job.." Or like Dr. Deepak Chopra once said: "We are the same energy as the lamp on the table."

If I may, I will tell you a little how I got to where I am today:

After having studied law for 2 1/2 years I realized office work is not for me. I wanted to see the world. I left Germany for the first time to go to Canterbury, Kent, U.K., and went to College there, to become an interpretor with a so called "Cambridge certificate for proficiency English". I did study for 3 years and "by chance" was offered to work at the reception on an American Cruise Ship, which sailed the Carribbean Sea at the time! I just wanted to sail for one contract, but in the end I was working for almost 10 years on ships. I feel so blessed to this day, because I got to see the most beautiful places in the world, like the Indian Ocean, all of Europe, Alaska, Maldives, Mahe, Cook Islands, Rarotonga, Seychelles, Easter Island, and I have even been to Antarctica for 3 month.

Travelling is not only my profession, but as it turned out, it´s also my passion.

After my time at sea, I changed elements.... from water to air. I applied to be a flight attendant, which was of course another great way to see the world, and this is what I am still doing today, since the last 17 years. There is a saying, which goes like "The sky is the limit", but from what I know at this moment in time, this is not at all true.

There is another componend to the word "journey". My spiritual journey began just over three years ago, and it seems to me, as time passes, it´s accelerating all the time. I changed elements again, from air to sphere, the universe.

It did start with a sad story when my dog died. I found it so hard to let go, that I did some courses on animal communication. Since then I became a certified animal communicator, have the 1st degree in Reiki, have done training in reconnective healing, and, what this website is most about, I became a certified soul-realignment practitioner© . I can highly recommend my teacher, Mrs. Andrrea Hess at I love her clearity, her insights, and her teachings.

I read many books on the subject of us "just" being energy, and love reading Dr. Deepak Chopra, Eckhardt Tolle, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Matt Khan, and also love listening to Abraham-Hicks: "LOA" rules!:-), I love the "7 Hermetic Principals." I would like to mention the "pioneers of energy", who also were convinced about the universal energy filed, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. And the one movie that contrubited much to how I see the world today is: "What the bleep do we know"!

There is the term lightworker,  and I guess I am one of them. I do believe in the power of creating the best world we can ever imagine for ourselfes and others. (What you think today, you will become tomorrow, Buddha). I feel, although I have learned so much over the last few years, there is still so much more to uncover and explore and to find out. I am so looking forward to the journey!

So, if you got this far reading my story, mabe you´ll allow me to help you uncover some of your (past) life´s stories, to help create a better, not to say the best life for yourself, the best realtionships, the best career, the best health... Thanks for your interest! I do hope it resonated with you, and that we will connect! Stay well, all the best, Heike